Hourly rate
$55.00 (3 hours minimum)
Service area includes Metropolitan Detroit, Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Washtenaw county and north of Monroe county.

$14.00/15 minutes
wait time charges do not begin until 15 minutes past scheduled pick time.
Round Trip Waiting Charges: $35.00/hour.
One hour waiting is free in round trip.

Terminal to terminal:$10
Stop Over: $10 Additional
A stop over within regular route of two destinations, and not more than 15 minutes.

After Hours: $10 Additional
After hours last from 11 midnight to 5:59am

No Show up Charges:
If you can not find your driver a the airport, please do not leave the baggage area with out calling us first to avoid "No Show Up Charges". We will page your driver.
Call us at 734-556-2000. If the phone lines are busy, please leave detailed voice message. Full fare will be charged for No Show Ups.
 Note: If your pick up is from a different location than airport please, make sure the vehicle has your full name displayed on passenger window.

Cancellations made prior to 3 hours before the scheduled pick up time are without penalty. A cancellation made within 3 hours of the scheduled pick up time will be charged full fare.

Company is Not Responsible
for delays or the termination due to weather conditions, and airport authorities for delays or the termination due to mechanical breakdown of the vehicle for any loss because of service delays or weather conditions.
*Alcohol and drug use is prohibited by law. The customer is responsible for any fine.Vehiclescannot be loaded beyond seating capacity.

$10 will be added for parking to all pick ups from airport terminals.

Gratuity is earned
however, 20% gratuity will be added to prepaid reservations.

Please call for further policy details.

Policies and rates subject to change without prior notice.
Our drivers will meet their assigned Passenger (s) by the baggage claim area
and will holding a PASSENGER NAME SIGN. If you have any difficulty finding your driver, Please call us be Assistance at
Please do not leave the baggage claim area at the Airport without calling us in order to avoid delay. No show up charges full fare.
Ph: 734-556-2000